Online storm brews as suspect grilled in Beer The Voice explicit content case

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Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau Division 1 (CCID1) officers questioned a Thai man who was accused of posting explicit content of renowned Thai singer, Passaranan “Beer” Ussadamongkol, also known as Beer The Voice.

Last week, the explicit content, images and videos of Beer were shared on several social media platforms in Thailand. It appears from the content that the videos and images were captured by Beer’s ex-boyfriend. This led many Thai netizens to accuse Beer’s ex-boyfriends of posting the videos.

Four of her ex-boyfriends included Thai singer Prathomphop “Top” Phumklun, Thai e-sports player and YouTuber Wanoiz, Thai singer Thunwa “Hye” Katesuwan and Arom “Cutto” Phoharnrattanakun. They all denied involvement while Top urged netizens to stop sharing the explicit content.

Beer later clarified the matter on social media on September 23. She took to Facebook to announce that a number of netizens reported seeing explicit content of her but she initially ignored them, thinking it was a scam. However, as more and more netizens and friends informed her about the content, she checked it.

Beer conceded that the entirety of the explicit content indeed featured her, leaving no room for mistaken identity. Shockingly, these pictures and videos were being offered for sale online at prices ranging between 95,000 and 105,000 baht and were traced back to her ex-boyfriend.

Beer stressed that the mentioned ex who released the explicit content was not Top, Wanoiz, Hye or Cutto, and she apologised to all of them for being dragged into the story.

Beer consent

Beer revealed that the videos and pictures were recorded at her house in 2020 when she was in a relationship with a boyfriend who was not a celebrity. While Beer consented to being recorded in some of the videos, she never envisioned them being made public and did not expect that he would do this to her.

Beer revealed that she was not the sole victim of this individual’s actions, he had allegedly subjected his former girlfriends to similar treatment. It is believed that this man consistently grapples with financial troubles and may aim to profit from her explicit videos and images.

In response, Beer cautioned Thai Internet users who were sharing the explicit content and placing blame on her for the leaked materials, urging them to cease these actions. She firmly stated her intention to pursue legal recourse against such individuals. Furthermore, Beer implored these netizens to contemplate how they would react if similar misfortunes befell their family members.

Beer emphasised that sexual relations are a natural aspect of life, from which everyone derives enjoyment. She asserted that it was high time to discard the notion that a woman loses her virginity or worth following such an experience. Beer concluded her message by expressing gratitude to those netizens and friends who demonstrated understanding and provided encouragement.

According to reports from Channel 3, Beer lodged a complaint against her ex-boyfriend on September 18, although the identity of the man remains undisclosed. Law enforcement officers executed a search warrant for the suspect’s residence and took him into custody.

The suspect vehemently denied the allegations, insisting that he did not know how the videos and images were leaked. As part of their investigation, officers seized his mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and PC. Charges against the man had not yet been formally filed at the time of this report.

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