Thai Airways adjusts Europe flights amid Iran-Israel tension

Thai Airways International has realigned its Europe-bound flights to circumvent the Middle East following Iran’s onslaught on Israel. Concurrently, the Foreign Ministry has reported no immediate repercussions on Thai nationals in Iran and Israel.

Thai Airways International President Chai Eamsiri yesterday confirmed that the airline has made minor alterations to some flight paths to evade the Middle East airspace. However, he assured me that the overall service remains unaffected.

Thai Airways Chief Commercial Officer Korakot Chatasingha stated that passengers who had reserved flights via the Middle East had not withdrawn their bookings. He added that the airline is keeping a close watch on the situation.

“Flights destined for Europe typically traverse the airspace of the Middle East. Currently, Thai Airways International is utilising alternative routes that bypass Iranian airspace, ensuring no disruption to our service.”

In addition, the Foreign Affairs Ministry advised Thai citizens against travelling to Iran and Israel. They cited reports from the Thai Embassy in Tel Aviv, which stated that numerous drones and missiles were launched towards Israel from various directions. It was also reported that Israel was taking defensive measures against these attacks.

The ministry stated that Israel had imposed a nationwide restriction on gatherings from 11pm on Saturday to 11pm on Monday.

Approximately 28,000 Thais reside in Israel, with another 300 in Iran. The Thai embassies in Tel Aviv and Tehran are in touch with Thai communities in these countries. So far, no reports have been received about Thai citizens being affected by the Iran-Israel conflict, according to the Foreign Ministry.

Meanwhile, due to the volatile gold price fluctuations in international markets amidst the tensions, Thai gold trader Hua Seng Heng suspended trading via its applications yesterday. The company announced that it would recommence its app-based gold trading on Monday, reported Bangkok Post.

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