Bangkok ramps up AI security for safe Songkran festivities

Bangkok tightens security for Songkran celebrations with artificial intelligence (AI) and emergency measures. Bangkok is bracing for Songkran, the traditional Thai New Year, with stringent security measures in place, particularly in popular celebration areas such as Silom and Khao San Road.

In previous years, overcrowding has been a significant concern, prompting authorities to implement new strategies to ensure public safety.

Silom, renowned for its vibrant festivities, has introduced an emergency lane policy this year. This move has been widely lauded, as it provides quick access for emergency responders in case of a crisis. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) confirmed that one lane will be reserved for emergency vehicles along the bustling Silom Road, which had experienced severe congestion during past celebrations.

In addition to the physical measures on Silom Road, Khao San Road, another hotspot for Songkran revellers, is set to benefit from advanced security technology. The BMA disclosed plans to enhance surveillance capabilities using AI systems.

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This high-tech approach includes AI-powered CCTV cameras capable of license plate recognition, facial recognition, crowd density analysis, people counting, and identification of specific individual or object characteristics. These systems are aimed at monitoring and managing the large crowds expected during the festival.

The AI-based security system extends to the Chanasongkram Police Station, which will oversee the deployment of CCTV cameras at strategic points throughout the celebration area. The cameras will feed live footage to the monitoring centre in the Chaophraya Room and the Joint Command Center at the police station.

In addition to visual surveillance, emergency preparedness is a priority, with first-aid stations, ambulance parking, emergency medical routes, disaster prevention, and mitigation plans all in place.

In a bid to further enhance safety, the BMA has installed four intelligent safety poles and erected six emergency exit signs across Khao San Road and its surrounding alleys, including Khao San Palace, Khao San Center, Buddy Beer, Bar Next Door, Tha Chang, and Father’s Pier. These measures are designed to provide clear guidance in the event of an emergency, facilitating quick evacuations and access for first responders, reported Khaosod.

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