Thai AirAsia X flight returns to Osaka with landing gear issues

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Passengers on Thai AirAsia X flight XJ613 experienced a heart-pounding drama when their flight from Osaka to Bangkok was forced to turn back due to undercarriage issues.

Thai AirAsia X flight XJ613, an Airbus A330-300, took off from Osaka Kansai Airport at 9.52am local time last Friday, May 24, bound for Bangkok. Shortly after takeoff from runway 24L, the flight crew discovered a problem: the landing gear wouldn’t retract.

With the gear stuck, the crew terminated their climb and initiated a holding pattern procedure to troubleshoot the issue. Flight data shows that two holding patterns were executed near the airport, one at 13,000 feet. Despite efforts to resolve the problem mid-air, the landing gear remained stubbornly deployed.

The pilots then made a crucial decision: to return to Osaka Kansai Airport as a precaution. Before landing, they performed a low-level flypast, presumably to allow ground personnel to visually inspect the landing gear.

Following the flypast, the aircraft made a second approach and landed safely without incident. Remarkably, throughout the ordeal, the flight did not declare an emergency and continued under a normal squawk code.

The aircraft involved, registered as HS-XTI, is a 15.5-year-old Airbus A330-300. Initially delivered to Singapore Airlines in January 2009, it joined Thai AirAsia X’s fleet in September 2018.

While the incident caused an unexpected delay for the passengers, the crew’s professionalism ensured everyone’s safety, reported Aviation Source News.

As the investigation continues, Thai AirAsia X remains committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety and service.

In related news, Asia Aviation PLC (AAV), the powerhouse behind Thai AirAsia Co. Ltd (TAA), unveiled a tale of contrasting fortunes in its first-quarter performance of 2024. Revenue rocketed by an impressive 52%, hitting 13,793.7 million baht, while positive earnings before taxes soared by 78% to 3,094.2 million baht.

In other news, Thailand’s booming aviation sector has given Thai airlines Bangkok Airways and Thai AirAsia a profitable first quarter, despite the challenges posed by escalating costs.

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