Teenagers arrested in Phitsanulok for gunfight over love dispute

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Two 18 year old male teenagers were apprehended by the Phitsanulok City Police yesterday along with a six-chambered firearm and a quantity of ammunition. The arrest took place at a residence in Ban Pa Subdistrict, Phitsanulok City.

The arrest follows an incident on January 2, when a gunfight broke out near a water canal adjacent to Wat Tan Suwan in Don Thong Subdistrict, Phitsanulok City. Four male teenagers, aged between 17 and 18, were injured.

The first 17 year old victim was shot in the neck and right side of his head. The second, also 17, was shot in the forehead, torso, and right arm, causing paralysis. The third 18 year old victim was shot in the torso and right leg. The fourth, a 24 year old named Athikom, was also injured. All victims were transported to Phutthachinarat Hospital for treatment.

Preliminary investigations reveal that the victims were on their way to pick up one of their girlfriends when they were ambushed and shot at. The assailants fled the scene, leaving the four injured.

Phitsanulok City Police launched an investigation and discovered that an 18 year old known as A (real name withheld) was the perpetrator. He had hidden the weapon at the house of another 18 year old, named B (real name withheld).

A search of the two residences uncovered eight pieces of evidence, including two unregistered short-barrel guns, one registered short-barrel gun, one unregistered long-barrel gun, eight .22calibrer bullets, and five number 12 bullets, reported KhaoSod.

The motive behind the attack was a previous dispute over a woman, which escalated when the two groups chased each other on their motorbikes before the shooting occurred. The suspects were taken into custody, confessed to their crimes, and faced charges of attempted murder and illegal possession of firearms and ammunition. The investigation was handed over to the Phitsanulok City Police investigators for further legal action.

In related news, police arrested an 18 year old man who stole his father’s gun and used it to shoot his parents at the family residence in Mukdaharn province.

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