Swift Bangkok robbery arrest: Two suspects apprehended after four incidents in a day

Photo courtesy of Khao Sod

A quick response by Khlong Tan and Phra Khanong police led to the swift arrest of two armed robbers, 20 year old Sakarin and 21 year old Prinya. Sakarin was apprehended at his residence in the Regent Condominium, while Prinya was caught in his rented room in Soi Phatthanakan 20. They were accused of carrying out four armed robberies in a single day.

The first incident involving the duo occurred yesterday (December 18) around 6:20am at the Tiger Thai Biscuit Factory on Soi Sukhumvit 81. The 30 year old victim, Bee was approached from behind by the robbers who had the intention to snatch his Oppo smartphone but failed to do so. By 6:33am, the duo had targeted a second victim, Suksompron Thakul, who was attacked by the handle of a knife on his head multiple times, causing his head to split open. Once again, the robbers’ attempt to snatch Suksompron’s Redmi smartphone and black bag were unsuccessful.

Upon investigation, the police found that the culprits had previously committed similar crimes in the area under the jurisdiction of Khlong Tan police station. Upon collaborating with the Khlong Tan police, they identified the suspects and their vehicle. The culprits had committed another robbery at 4:14am in the area under Khlong Tan police station’s jurisdiction. The victim, Wilai Chaiyaratnaphum, a noodle seller, was punched in the face by the robbers in an attempt to snatch her bag, but they fled without any stolen property.

Around 5:55am, the culprits targeted Laddawan Chomsopa, a housekeeper at the Ayudhya Bank, Ekkamai branch. She was attacked, and her bag containing a Samsung J7 phone, cash, amulets, and a red bag were stolen.

The suspects admitted to the crimes but denied receiving stolen goods, reported Khao Sod. The police have charged them with armed robbery at night involving two or more persons, using a vehicle for convenience in committing the crime, or receiving stolen property. The suspects confessed, but denied receiving stolen goods. The case is now being handled by Khlong Tan police station, while Phra Khanong police will press charges and apply for court custody.

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