Teenagers involved in violent brawl at Buriram college football pitch (Video)

Photo courtesy of บัวบาน FC Buaban (Facebook)

A violent brawl broke out on a football pitch at a renowned college in Buriram, Thailand, yesterday. The incident involved over 20 teenagers, approximately 16-17 years old, brutally assaulting each other. This shocking event was recorded and shared on social media, quickly garnering significant public attention.

The incident took place at a vocational college in the Stuek district of Buriram province. The video shows a group of teenagers, including a young man in a football kit, getting beaten and injured. No weapons appear to be involved in the brawl.

Preliminary investigation revealed that the college was hosting a football competition as part of the “Youth Football Against Drugs” project. This was an open competition, allowing general public to send their youth teams to compete at the college.

The fight ensued following a match between The Great Land and Tung Somboon Suk Gold Shop teams. The latter team won the game with a 1-0 score, resulting in dissatisfaction among a group of teenagers, reported Khao Sod. They were apparently upset with the inclusion of an exceptionally skilled football player in the winning team, which they believed gave the team an unfair advantage. This disagreement escalated to the violent outbreak on the pitch seen in the video.

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The initial cause of the incident seems to be the dissatisfaction of the cheerleading team with the hiring of a skilled football player from another area to join the team in the hopes of securing a victory. Several football players were injured in the brawl at the vocational college in Stuek. The specific cause of the incident is still unclear and further details will be provided as the situation unfolds.

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