Superintendent accused of running gambling website

A superintendent from the Provincial Police Region 2 has been accused of being the mastermind behind the gambling website saipay69 which has 16,000 gamblers registered and a turnover of over 50 million baht.

The Police Cyber Taskforce conducted raids on three gambling website offices yesterday, two in the Bang Khun Thian and Phetcha Kasem neighbourhoods of Bangkok, and another in the Bang Kluay district of Nonthaburi.

As a result of the raids, six suspects were arrested, including four men and two women. The authorities seized a number of items worth over 15 million baht as evidence, including two laptops, three CPU computers, three monitors, four mobile phones, 13 bank accounts, eight debit cards, and six vehicles such as a BMW I8, Mercedes Benz A200, Toyota GR86, Isuzu MU-X, Toyota C-HR, and Honda CBR motorcycle.

According to the police report, the saipay69 website offered online slot machines, baccarat, hi-lo game, lottery, and sports betting.

The suspects confessed that a high-ranking police officer was behind all of the operations. They said the officer was a superintendent under the vision of the Provincial Police Region 2.

The president of the Help Crime Victim Club, Atchariya Ruangrattanapong, revealed to the Thai media that he has a list of 100 police officers involved with the saipay69 and other gambling websites. He disclosed that he would release the list on Monday, February 27 in front of the Royal Thai Police (RTP) headquarters.

Damrongsak Kittipraphat, the RTP Commissioner, told the press he is surprised there are so many police officers allegedly involved. However, he affirmed that he would investigate the matter but could not provide any more details at this time.

Damrongsak said that any police officers found involved in gambling activities would be punished without exception. He added that he has already checked officers working under his charge and did not find anything suspicious.

Damrongsak dared Autchariya to reveal the names and warned him that he faces a defamation lawsuit against him if his evidence does not stand up.

Superintendent accused of running gambling website | News by Thaiger

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