Student narrowly escapes sexual assault attempt

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A young female student narrowly escaped an attempted sexual assault near her residence yesterday when a man followed and tried to attack her outside her apartment. Her quick thinking and cries for help thwarted the assailant.

Footage from a CCTV camera installed near a housing project on Bang Sao Thong Road in Samut Prakan captured the incident. The video showed the student, referred to as A, a third-year secondary school student, returning home around 4pm. She had taken a motorcycle taxi from school and was walking towards her building when the incident occurred.

The footage revealed that the perpetrator had been following her on a motorcycle. As A entered the alley leading to her apartment building, the man rode past her before doubling back and driving into the alley.

Another camera angle showed him parking his motorcycle at the front of A’s building and then swiftly making his way up the stairs to her floor.

A’s afterschool routine involves returning to her apartment, where she usually waits alone until her parents return from work.

On the day of the incident, she had no idea someone was following her, As soon as A unlocked the door to her residence, the fiend attempted to push her inside, groping her chest and repeatedly demanding to enter.

Sexual assault attempt

However, A managed to push him away and screamed for help, causing the assailant to flee. The student’s bravery helped her to narrowly escape a sexual assault attempt.

A’s father, who was at work when he received the alarming call from his daughter, immediately left his workplace to be with her. Upon arriving, he found her deeply shaken and in tears, comforted by neighbours who had come to her aid.

Her father later took her to file a complaint with the Bang Sao Thong Police Station. The police are now actively searching for the suspect, who is considered a significant threat to public safety. The investigation team is working to gather more information to apprehend the suspect.

CCTV footage provided clear images of the suspect, including his facial features, a distinctive tattoo on his left arm, and the red motorcycle with a yellow license plate he had been riding.

The father urged the police to quickly apprehend the suspect to prevent further threats to the community. The police are using the CCTV footage as crucial evidence in their investigation, reported KhaoSod.

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