South Korean man bails 5.4 million baht ‘little ghost’ pregnant girlfriend

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A South Korean TikToker shared a story of his pregnant Thai girlfriend, who was arrested for working and living illegally in South Korea. He revealed that he is looking forward to reuniting with her after paying a fine of 20 million won (about 5.4 million baht).

A South Korean TikToker, Bong, is known for his bilingual videos. The Facebook page, Poetry of B*tch, reported that he had been studying the Thai language for two years and enrolled in a short Thai language programme at Burapha University in Chon Buri.

Bong had a Thai girlfriend, Ray, who appeared in his TikTok videos quite often. They had been dating for four years, and she is now pregnant.

Bong recently revealed to the public that Ray was arrested by Immigration Police at her workplace on June 5 because she was a little ghost, a Thai term used to describe Thai people who work and live illegally in South Korea.

Bong stated in his video that he planned to sign a marriage certificate with Ray but she was arrested a day after their scheduled date, June 6.

Bong revealed that he visited a prison for foreigners to meet Ray. From Ray, he learned that some officers were kind and helpful, while others ignored the foreign prisoners. Bong mentioned that every Thai prisoner in the facility faced a tough life, and hoped they would be transported back to Thailand soon.

Opinions divided

In the video, Bong expressed his strong intention to pay the 20 million won fine (5.4 million baht) for Ray to reduce her blacklist period from five years to less than a year. He promised his followers that he would find the money to pay the fine even though it was a significant amount.

Some Thai netizens criticised Bong and Ray for the delay in obtaining the marriage documents but Bong insisted that he and his Thai girlfriend had already tried their best.

One woman insulted Bong by saying that he would never be able to afford to pay the fine for Ray because he worked at a convenience store and lived in a cheap room.

Bong later updated his followers, informing them that he had paid the fine for Ray, and she had already arrived in Thailand. According to Bong, Ray would be on the blacklist for six months to one year and would be allowed to enter South Korea again.

Some netizens suggested that since Ray is pregnant, it would be easier for her to reunite with Bong because the country encourages residents to have children.

Many Thai netizens offered encouragement to both Bong and Ray, while others believed that Ray deserved the punishment of arrest as she decided to work and live illegally there.

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