Songkran sees more stringent alcohol sales regulations

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In a bid to curb road accidents caused by drunk driving during the extended World Songkran Festival, which spans from April 1 to 21, the Public Health Ministry initiated stringent measures to control the sale of alcohol, particularly to minors.

Public Health Minister Cholnan Srikaew outlined the festival’s divisions: a preparatory stage running from April 1 to 10, the main festive events from April 11 to 17, and a post-festival period from April 18 to 21.

Provincial and local authorities have been mandated to launch extensive publicity campaigns, reminding liquor vendors to strictly adhere to regulations limiting alcohol sales between 11am to 2pm and from 5pm to midnight. Activities promoting alcohol sales, selling alcohol to those under 20, and vending alcohol in restricted areas are strictly prohibited under the law.

Stringent measures await those involved in road accidents. Breathalyser tests will be administered, and if unavailable, individuals will be escorted to nearby hospitals for blood tests. If tests reveal alcohol levels surpassing legal limits, actions will be taken against the alcohol vendor, particularly if the individuals involved are under 20.

Cholnan emphasised the importance of preventing intoxicated individuals from driving by establishing community checkpoints.

Last year’s statistics revealed a grim toll, with 4,340 individuals either killed or injured during the Songkran festival, spanning April 11 to 17, reported Thai PBS World.

Shockingly, 502 of them were young people under the age of 20. The majority of these accidents occurred on secondary roads, underscoring the urgency of these preventative measures.

In related news, the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand confirmed that six airlines will introduce 104 additional flights, offering a discount of approximately 20% for early morning and late night domestic flights during the Songkran holiday. This move is designed to offer a more economical travel option for holidaymakers.

In other news, ramping up safety measures for the upcoming extended Songkran Festival, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration proposed an increase in the deployment of cutting-edge technology.

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