Siriraj Hospital to upgrade elderly healthcare

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Siriraj Hospital is set to unveil its Academic Centre of Geriatric Medicine, a game-changer for Thai elders’ healthcare.

With Thailand hurtling towards a super-aged society, this initiative, in collaboration with Minor Food Group, promises to reshape the future of healthcare.

At a press conference yesterday, December 21, Wisit Vamvanij, Siriraj’s deputy dean, revealed the hospital’s ambitious plan.

“Thailand is on the brink of becoming a super-aged society, and we need to act now to ensure a healthy and thriving elderly population.”

Scheduled for a soft opening in January, the Siriraj Academic Centre of Geriatric Medicine spans 9.488 acres in Samut Sakhon province. The first phase, launching in mid-2024, focuses on providing healthcare with specialised treatment services for elderly convalescing patients.

“We have specialised doctors, nurses, staff, and equipment to care for elderly patients recovering from critical conditions or significant operations.”

Disturbingly, hospital data reveals that approximately 30% of critical geriatric patients return to the hospital within two weeks of going home.

“Elderly individuals need proper care after critical events, like physical therapy for broken legs or assistance for stroke patients. Without this healthcare, their conditions worsen, leading to unfortunate outcomes.”

New healthcare system

To tackle this issue head-on, the Siriraj Centre of Geriatric Medicine adopts an intermediate healthcare system. This approach focuses on rehabilitating and caring for elderly patients post-acute illnesses, ensuring a healthy return to their homes and communities.

The second phase, set to open in the next two years, will offer screening and check-up services for the elderly population, including those aged 50 to 59, ensuring their physical and mental readiness for an ageing society.

In addition, the centre will provide intensive training courses for caregivers, addressing the lack of knowledge and understanding of proper care, preventing hospital readmissions.

Professor Emeritus Udom Kachintorn, Siriraj Foundation deputy manager, stressed the urgency of fostering a high-quality elderly society and comprehensive care standards. The project, with a total cost of approximately 3 billion baht, requires an additional 2.2 billion baht for the second phase and future maintenance, reported The Nation.

Udom called for robust support from all sectors and highlighted the collaboration with partners like The Minor Food Group, which plans to raise awareness through their #MinorCares campaign.

Thunyachate Ekvetchavit, Minor Food Group’s COO, outlined their involvement.

“Every order of specified menus from 10 Minor Food brands will be automatically deducted as a donation to Siriraj Foundation. Customers can also voluntarily donate through the campaign’s QR Payment available at participating branches and social media platforms.”

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