Thai singer battle swarm of termites while on stage (video)

Screenshot from Mongkhon Sound & Studio Facebook page

A young singer found himself battling a swarm of flying termites while performing on stage, a bizarre situation captured and shared widely online, earning him considerable support from online users.

In a viral clip posted on the Mongkhon Sound & Studio Facebook page, the singer, identified as 29 year old Witthaya Siwakrothok from Mueang district, Buriram Province, can be seen holding a microphone in one hand while swatting termites with the other.

Witthaya explained that during a performance at a household in Chum Het subdistrict, Buriram on June 29, a swarm of termites suddenly swarmed the stage as the band was in the middle of performing their third song.

While other musicians continued playing unaffected, Witthaya, as the centrepiece of the performance, had to fend off the insects continuously for about 30 minutes. Witthaya admitted he kept performing to not let down any of the guests.

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“I had no choice but to keep singing while swatting away the termites. I didn’t want to disappoint the guests… It was my first time singing in such a situation, and [also] my first time eating live termites.”

The owner of the sound truck used for the performance, 29 year old Mongkhon Koakaew noted that such an incident was unprecedented.

“I saw him struggling and decided to record it. I never thought it would get such a reaction.”

Many viewers expressed sympathy for the singer, with comments ranging from praise for his resilience to humorous remarks about his unintentional termite snack. One user commented,

“He must have been full after finishing the song!”

Despite the unusual challenge, the band managed to complete their set, showcasing their professionalism and dedication to entertaining their audience, reported KhaoSod.

In separate news, the government is set to launch a project to address the increasingly prevalent issue of school dropouts in Thailand. The initiative aims to locate and assist over a million students who have prematurely ended their formal education.

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