Sirens sour the silence: Silom hotel’s plea ignites global social media symphony

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An escalating drama unfolded as a hotel in the Silom area penned a letter to a foundation requesting the discontinuation of ambulance siren noise. The hotel cites the disturbance and nuisance caused by the loud sirens, thereby interrupting the leisure time of the guests. The revelation of this issue by the Thai press stirred up a global social media storm.

The hotel, located in Silom, has written to a foundation, asking it to discontinue the use of ambulance sirens. The main reason cited for this request is that the sirens are a nuisance and disrupt the tranquillity of the guests. The hotel has also provided documents to substantiate its claims.

“We seek your cooperation in reducing or switching off the sirens of ambulance vehicles during non-peak hours when there is no traffic congestion around the hotel. The residents and others in the vicinity are concerned about the loud sirens of the ambulance vehicles disrupting their relaxation, particularly during non-peak hours when there is no traffic. The continuous loud sirens annoy and interrupt the sleep of the residents.

“We understand that the ambulance siren is a signal to other road users that an ambulance is approaching and they should give way for it to pass quickly. However, we believe that during non-peak hours when there is no traffic congestion, the ambulance siren does not need to be continuously loud, as most road users are already cautious. We, therefore, request your cooperation in considering reducing or switching off the ambulance sirens during non-peak hours.

Perhaps a flashing light or beacon could replace the siren to alert other road users, but without disturbing the peace of the residents. We hope that the foundation will consider our request for cooperation this time to jointly create a good and livable environment for the residents in the vicinity.”

Online comments

The revelation of this request has triggered a flurry of comments online, with netizens expressing both agreement and disagreement, in addition to seeking the truth about the matter, reported KhaoSod.

“Whether there are vehicles or not, the siren should be switched on so that road users are aware that there is an emergency vehicle coming, and the hospital hears it from far away to prepare for the patient… This director should be more sensible than this, or is it that his selfishness exceeds his sensibility…”

“I want to know the opinion of the experts, what are the disadvantages of not switching on the siren when there is no traffic?”

“I agree with reducing the use of sirens. If there isn’t much traffic, just flashing lights would do.”

“Which hotel? Reveal it quickly”

“New type of service mind”

“Using pronouns instead of himself, it seems like this letter is more on a personal note than from the hotel.”

The hotel’s request for the discontinuation of ambulance sirens has ignited a debate, with the public expressing various opinions. While some agree with the hotel’s request, others argue that the sirens are crucial for alerting road users to the presence of an ambulance, regardless of the traffic conditions.

The hotel’s request, which could potentially impact emergency services, has sparked widespread discussion and investigation into the matter.

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