Septic tank drained in search for missing baby boy

Parents questioned separately by police for 9 hours

Parents of the 8-month-old baby boy missing in Nakhon Pathom province were questioned separately by police for about nine hours Tuesday.

Early in the day, the order was given for a septic tank to be drained in the search for the missing baby boy.

The parents of the missing child, 16 year old Philaiporn Korcharoen and 19 year old Sittichok Choksaengsawang, reached out to Thai netizens for help after their eight month old baby, Tor, went missing on Sunday.

But suspicion has grown ever since that the parents may be responsible for the disappearance of their baby.

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A neighbour told police yesterday that he went to the couple’s house, which is also a grocery store, on Sunday and saw the missing baby boy, the couple and a niece at home after the baby was said to have gone missing. Other neighbours have told the police that they did not see any strangers in the neighbourhood.

Philaiporn told police that she, her husband, her baby, and her 12 year old niece slept together in the same room. She woke at 5am and fed him before letting him sleep with his father. She then served a customer at the family’s coffee stand at the front of the house at 6am and went back to bed, taking the baby to sleep with her. In a sleepy daze, she felt someone taking the missing baby boy from her embrace but was unsure of who it was.

In an interview with Thai PBS reporters, the couple denied that they had sold or killed their baby and pleaded with the police to find him.

A sewage pump was sent to the couple’s house after police found “newly-laid” cement around the toilet pedestal. A relative said she laid the cement about a month ago, but police went ahead and emptied the system. They did not find anything suspicious.

Police and officials from the Mirror Foundation continued their search for the missing baby for the third consecutive day today.

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