Senior Thai judge transferred after molestation accusation on train

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The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court urgently transferred a senior judge following accusations of molesting a female court officer on a sleeper train. A high-ranking source within the judiciary revealed the incident occurred during a staff development activity.

The female officer lodged a complaint against the senior judge, who belongs to a major court in Bangkok, following the incident that took place on a sleeper train to Chiang Mai on June 1. The complaint was submitted to the Secretary-General of the Office of the Judiciary and the Judicial Commission on June 25.

Reports indicate that the Chief Justice signed the transfer order for the senior judge, who holds a high-ranking position as a chief judge in a major court yesterday, July 2. The judge will temporarily assist at the Office of the Chief Justice starting from July 8. Chumphon Chuwong, a Supreme Court judge, has been assigned to temporarily take over the position of chief judge.

“The decision to transfer the judge was made swiftly to ensure an impartial investigation. The judiciary takes such allegations seriously and aims to maintain trust and integrity within the system.”

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The incident has sparked considerable concern within the judiciary, highlighting the need for stringent measures to prevent such occurrences. The rapid response from the Chief Justice underscores the urgency and gravity of the situation, reflecting the judiciary’s commitment to upholding ethical standards.

The transfer order comes amid growing calls for greater accountability and transparency within the judiciary.

The female court officer, whose identity remains confidential, reported the incident shortly after it occurred, reported KhaoSod.

“We must ensure that the investigation is thorough and fair, without any undue influence.”

In related news, a 65 year old man was arrested for the molestation of a mentally impaired woman, he denied any wrongdoing, claiming he didn’t know about her condition despite living nearby. However, the suspect admitted to inappropriate contact.

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