Search continues for missing Thai man at Srinakarin Dam

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The search for a 41 year old Thai man continues 20 days after he went missing during a trip to the Srinakarin Dam. The former university lecturer was last seen on May 19 during a gathering with 30 friends. Despite extensive efforts from authorities and local villagers, there has been no sign of him.

At 1.30pm today, Jaturapuch aka Toey’s aunt spoke to Khaosod Online, expressing her hope that the search efforts, which will continue over the weekend, will yield some results. She mentioned that it has been a long time, and while it has allowed her to prepare for the worst, it remains a difficult situation for everyone involved.

“The foundation will continue searching this weekend. We hope to find him, but it has been so long that it’s hard to stay hopeful.”

She explained that the search operations began as soon as Toey was reported missing, and she appreciates the efforts from all parties, including the local villagers, who have been very cooperative in searching both on land and in the water.

The aunt also shared that the search team informed her about the challenging conditions within the Srinakarin Dam. The water is extremely deep, ranging from 70 to 100 metres, and very cold, making it difficult for a human body to float to the surface.

In a conversation with the police, Toey’s friends confirmed that they last saw him on the raft near the dam’s edge. They did not see him fall into the water or walk away, adding to the mystery of his disappearance.

Renewed efforts

Toey’s mother is deeply affected by the news, as he is her only son. Toey’s father passed away, and though Toey worked in Bangkok, he would occasionally visit his aunt in the countryside. His mother, now retired, would sometimes join these visits, but she wasn’t very aware of his movements as they were not very close due to his age and independence.

Toey’s friends from the trip mentioned that they only realised he was missing the day they were supposed to return.

The search for Toey will continue over the next few days with renewed efforts, hoping to bring some closure to his family and friends, reported KhaoSod.

“I just hope we find him. It’s been so long, and we need to know what happened.”

Anyone with information about Toey’s whereabouts is urged to contact the local authorities as the search efforts continue.

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