Scammed Thai man finds help from philanthropic Danish investor

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A Good Samaritan reached out to help a poor Thai man in the Samut Prakarn province near Bangkok after he was scammed out of 10,000 baht by his supposed fiancée. A Danish investor living in Pattaya read the sad story about a Thai security guard paying his girlfriend 300 baht a day in instalments, only to be abandoned, on The Thaiger website.

The 47 year old security guard, Pichate “Ched” Khamchom, sought help from several news agencies after losing his hard-earned money to his girlfriend. Ched met his alleged fiancée on a dating app. The unscrupulous woman convinced him to pay her 300 baht a day in instalments to save as a dowry and their wedding.

Despite earning only 500 baht a day, the father of one was determined to make it work, hoping to build a life together. Tragically, his girlfriend then disappeared after he paid over 10,000 baht, leaving him heartbroken and financially embarrassed.

Ched’s story deeply moved Casper, a 38 year old Danish investor residing in Pattaya. Upon reading about Ched’s predicament on The Thaiger platform, Casper contacted the team, expressing his willingness to reimburse the 10,000 baht that Ched had lost.

Initially, Ched was cautious about accepting the money, fearing another scam. However, after reassurance from The Thaiger that the Danish philanthropist was genuine and sincere, Ched provided his bank details. To his surprise and delight, Casper transferred 15,000 baht, 5,000 baht more than his initial offer.

When asked about his generous act, Casper admitted the story pulled on his heartstrings.

“A hard worker who tried to follow his heart and got crushed like that shouldn’t lose hope. I always appreciate this. I put myself in a position to help others since I also come from a hard-working family, so I try to do this as often as I can.”

Casper revealed that he is involved in multiple industries based in Pattaya. He mentioned that he has been living in Thailand for seven years and considers it his home. He expressed his desire to support the Thai people as much as possible.

An overwhelmed Ched expressed deep gratitude to Casper.

“I initially thought The Thaiger and Casper came from some scamming gang and attempted to get my bank account information to swindle my money. But I really got the money. I am very happy and appreciate the help. At least, I’m not facing only a bad thing. There is still something good waiting for me.”

Casper also offered Ched some comforting words of encouragement.

“Be careful. Don’t give up, one day you will meet someone.”

The Thaiger team feels blessed to be part of this heartwarming story and to have the opportunity to connect with Thai and foreign communities in Thailand. We wish Ched all the best in finding the love he deserves and extend a wholehearted special thank you to Casper.


ORIGINAL STORY: Thai man seeks justice after dowry deception by his girlfriend

A Thai man in Samut Prakan province, near Bangkok, is seeking justice after his girlfriend abandoned him, despite his efforts to pay her a dowry in daily instalments of 300 baht per day. He had paid a total of over 10,000 baht, hoping to build a family together.

The 47 year old man, Ched, told Channel 7 that he is a single father and works as a security guard to care for his child. He started using a dating app in the hope of finding someone who wanted to build a family with him, which is how he met his 43 year old girlfriend.

Ched explained that his girlfriend lived in the eastern province of Rayong. She is a single mother, so Ched believed that the woman would understand him, as she had a similar background.

According to Ched, they started their relationship in March, and the woman asked him to relocate to Rayong and live with her at the beginning of that month. However, he had to marry her before moving in.

Ched disclosed that the woman’s mother requested a 59,999 baht dowry from him. He could not provide the requested amount because he did not have any savings.

The woman suggested he pay her the dowry in instalments of 300 baht per day, and Ched agreed. Ched requested his company pay him daily instead of monthly. He earned 500 baht a day and gave 300 baht to his girlfriend.

Ched stated that he sometimes could not afford food but was willing to pay the dowry because the woman expressed her love to him by talking with him via video conference every day.

Unfortunately, the woman ended the relationship with him at the end of April. She said he had changed and became a different person. He was accused of being high-maintenance and annoying.

Ched said he agreed to end the relationship but asked her to return his money, over 10,000 baht, that he had given her as dowry. The woman initially promised to return the amount but later disappeared.

Ched expressed his disappointment, saying he wished to build a family with her and did not expect to be abandoned. He added that he wanted the woman to contact him to settle the issue, as he did not want to proceed with any legal steps against her.

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