“I still love her:” Laos woman marries Thai man then runs away with the dowry

Today, a heartbroken Thai man recounted the story of how a woman lured him into marriage then ran off with the dowry money. Earlier this month, the 29 year old Thai groom married a 23 year old Laotian woman in Leoi province, northern Thailand. The next day, the bride ran off with the dowry money and hasn’t contacted the groom since. He admitted he was deceived by the woman, but says he still loves her and will give her another chance if she comes back.

The groom said he only knew the bride for 10 days prior to the wedding. He met the 23 year old widow through his uncle, who married the bride’s mother and had lived with her for two years.

The groom said that at 29 years old, he had never had a girlfriend or a family of his own, and his family were pressuring him to find someone to marry. The bride’s family suggested the pair get to know each other since they were both single.

“She insisted on marrying me, because she wanted to come and live with her mother in Thailand. My uncle didn’t think the wedding was a good idea, but I asked her if she liked me and she said yes, so I arranged to marry her on May 18.”

On May 18, the pair got married at the groom’s house in Tha Li district in the northern border province of Loei, with their family members in attendance. The wedding went ahead, and the groom presented the bride a dowry of 36,000 baht (863 British pound sterling).

After the show was over, the groom and bride stayed in a room together for the first time. The groom said the bride put her 5 year old son to sleep in between them. Once the child went to sleep, the groom put his arms around the woman and asked her to have sex with him, but she refused. She said she had errands to run in the morning and had to take her son to school, so they should save it for another day. So, the groom went to sleep.

The next day, the newlywed bride and her mother said they were going to Nakhon Phanom province for two or three days to run some errands and took the dowry money with them. On May 20, just two days after the wedding, the groom rang his wife but she didn’t pick up the phone. She hasn’t contacted him since.

“The bride’s mother also took away my uncle’s belongings and wealth. I believe I was deceived by this widow, but I still love her. I will give her 3 days to come back and I’ll give her another chance.”


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