Saraburi explosion prompts health checks for chemical risks

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The health implications of a fireworks factory explosion in Saraburi province are under rigorous scrutiny following orders from the Public Health Minister. The incident, which resulted in one fatality, has prompted immediate investigations to ensure the safety of the local environment and public health.

Today, May 4, the Public Health Minister, Somsak Thepsuthin, addressed the fireworks factory explosion in Saraburi province that tragically claimed one life. Somkid has directed the Saraburi Provincial Public Health Office to urgently assess any potential public health repercussions, particularly regarding chemical contaminants in the water supply.

The Provincial Public Health Office is set to collect water samples to analyse the risk of residual chemicals, as well as inspect the presence of chemicals from smoke and soot. This action aims to reassure residents that there is no risk to their respiratory health. The minister emphasised the importance of addressing both minor and major incidents to ensure that citizens can live in their homes safely without short-term or long-term health effects.

Somsak also mentioned that, apart from evaluating the physical health impacts, it is crucial to consider the psychological effects on residents living near the explosion site, as such events can instill fear and anxiety. However, according to the latest reports, no adverse effects on the local community have been detected since the deceased was assembling fireworks at home in small quantities, limiting the blast radius. Nevertheless, thorough investigations must continue.

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In related news, a devastating explosion at a fireworks factory resulted in 22 fatalities. The factory was still within its permit period. This tragic event has left a profound impact on a fifth-year secondary school student who lost both parents in the incident and is still in shock.

Sitthisak Yaempraipirom, the district officer of Mueang Suphanburi, Suphanburi Province, revealed the developments in the case of the explosion at the fireworks factory in Koi Ngam Village, Sala Khao Subdistrict.

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