Explosion at fireworks factory in Thailand leaves 22 dead

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A devastating explosion at a fireworks factory resulted in 22 fatalities. The factory was still within its permit period. This tragic event has left a profound impact on a fifth-year secondary school student who lost both parents in the incident and is still in shock.

Sitthisak Yaempraipirom, the district officer of Mueang Suphanburi, Suphanburi Province, revealed the developments in the case of the explosion at the fireworks factory in Koi Ngam Village, Sala Khao Subdistrict. According to the latest report, 22 people have lost their lives, with no injured survivors. The province has established a relief centre for the victims’ families to confirm their identities and apply for financial assistance from various sectors.

So far, over 10 relatives of the deceased have filed applications for assistance. Meanwhile, all relevant agencies, including the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department and the Social Development and Human Security Office of Suphanburi Province, have provided relief and psychological support to the victims’ families. Upon examination of the factory’s business licence, it was found to still be valid, with the cause of the explosion currently under detailed investigation, reported Sanook.

Thanesphon Boonyawat, Secretary to the Minister of Social Development and Human Security, spoke about the losses from the fireworks factory explosion in Suphanburi Province, stating that the most important thing at the moment is that the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security has mobilised social workers and psychologists from nearby provinces to provide support on the ground today.

The ministry is primarily concerned with the feelings of those affected and their families. Therefore, aside from striving to provide financial support and everyday relief items, an equally important matter is the mental health of those affected and their families, which is why the ministry is doing its utmost.

Thanesphan added that they are currently unable to move the bodies of the victims from this incident out of the area, but they will gradually transport them to Wat Rong Chang, Mueang District, Suphanburi Province, for identification tomorrow morning. This is due to the presence of a significant amount of phosphorus or sulfur in the incident area.

Affected people

At Wat Rong Chang, the ministry has set up a complaints or problem reporting desk, and about 23 people have come to report their intentions, to which assistance will be provided. However, the most important thing is the mental state of the affected people, which is very severe. Therefore, they must quickly alleviate their feelings, said Thanesphan.

“Right now, we are dealing with a severe case of a fifth-year secondary school student who lost both parents, something the child is still unable to accept. We can hardly accept it ourselves, so we have psychologists on hand to help and provide mental recovery assistance to help them relax.

“Whenever there is a loss, I think that the most important thing beyond property and money is the feelings of those who have lost family members. The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security will do its best and will do so wholeheartedly.”

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