Barking up the auction tree: Military dogs find new homes

Picture courtesy of Sanook.

A military dog auction in Nakhon Ratchasima attracted significant interest as 54 dogs, deemed unsuitable for military service, were sold to the highest bidders. The event, held at the Military Dog Center in Pak Chong district, saw a white Labrador named Lee-Ann fetch the auction’s highest price of 95,000 baht.

The auction, which took place yesterday, featured a selection of Labradors, German Shepherds, and Belgian Malinois. These dogs had undergone a comprehensive Puppy Training Program but failed to meet the stringent requirements for military service. Starting bids ranged from 1,500 to 2,000 baht, with incremental increases of 100 baht.

Lee-Ann, the two-year and ten-month-old Labrador, became the star of the show when she was secured by Veerachat Thongpheuak for 95,000 baht – a mere 5,000 baht less than the amount he had prepared to spend. Veerachat, who had not pre-selected Lee-Ann, was instantly charmed by her red nose and unique appearance and plans to treat her as a family member.

The story of Lee-Ann and her new owner captured the hearts of many, with an outpouring of interest in her post-auction life. Responding to this interest, Veerachat shared images on Facebook showing Lee-Ann relaxing comfortably at her new home. A TikTok account, @user7058007725510, also featured clips of Lee-Ann enjoying time with her new owner, garnering over half a million views.

Recently, Lee-Ann travelled with her owner to a home in Koh Samui, sparking playful comments from netizens about her luxurious lifestyle and jokingly upgrading her status from a ‘miss’ to ‘madam’. Followers can now keep up with Lee-Ann’s adventures on TikTok via the account vrachart6.

The success of the auction not only demonstrates the public’s willingness to invest in well-trained dogs but also highlights the alternative careers and homes awaiting military dogs that do not make the cut. As Lee-Ann settles into her new life, she stands as a testament to the value and potential of these canine companions, regardless of their service suitability, reported Sanook.

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