Retired cop threatens delivery rider over payment dispute

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A Thai parcel delivery rider from logistics company Flash Express took to social media to seek justice after a man, believed to be a retired police officer or soldier, threatened to physically assault and shoot him over a payment dispute.

A video of the incident, which was recorded by the rider, 22 year old Phonpipat, was shared by his brother and later reshared by a news Facebook page. In the video, Phonpipat is seen engaging in an argument with the Thai man in a white vest top and his son in a black shirt. They were having the following conversation:

Phonpipat: You attacked me. What you did is physical assault!
Retired man: Physical assault? How?
Phonpipat: Look at my helmet. Look what you did.
The son in the black shirt: You better watch out. Your company’s gonna kick you out.

The man in the white vest top also recorded a video of Phonpipat. Phonpipat’s video was suddenly cut off but he came forward to reveal details of the incident to Channel 3 yesterday, July 3.

Phonpipat explained that he worked for Flash Express’ Bang Bua Thong branch in Nonthaburi province near Bangkok, and the incident took place while he was on duty on the evening of Tuesday, July 2. The parcel he delivered to the female customer in the video was a cash-on-delivery type.

Phonpipat revealed that he called the customer to inform her about the price before his arrival. The woman came to pick up the parcel but did not have the money ready and asked him to wait outside the house. The woman returned with cash but did not have the full amount.

Violent threats

According to Phonpipat, the woman returned inside the house to get more cash and left him waiting for nearly 20 minutes. Phonpipat admitted that he became irritated because he had to return to the warehouse on time. If not, he would have to pay a fine for being late.

The woman’s husband, the man in the white vest top, noticed that Phonpipat was upset and asked him about his hurry. He explained the reason to him but the man did not understand and responded, “Take the parcel back if you can’t wait!”

Phonpipat informed the man that he would agree to return if his wife gave back the parcel. In response, the man grew angry and wielded a snooker cue threateningly. Eventually, the woman managed to hand Phonpipat the remaining money, and he prepared to depart.

Nevertheless, the man persisted in complaining and menacing with the cue, provoking Phonpipat to anger and challenging him. This confrontation intensified, as captured in the video.

According to Phonpipat, the man attempted to strike him with the cue, a flower pot, and his hand. He also seized Phonpipat’s helmet, causing damage, while his son issued threats to shoot him.

Phonpipat revealed that his video abruptly ended when the man knocked it over to conceal his identity. Subsequently, the man’s wife intervened, pulling her husband inside to prevent further violence.

Phonpipat mentioned that he and his brother suspected the man might have been a retired police officer or soldier, although they did not specify the basis for this belief. They decided against involving the police, opting instead to share their account on social media, doubting the authorities would take action.

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