Naked cop shop rage: Delivery rider arrested for attacking family

Photo via Facebook/ Rinlapath Puipui

Police arrested a food delivery rider after he damaged the car of a family of three, including a 10-month-old baby, and threatened them with a knife. The rider reportedly continued his rampage by removing his clothes while being detained at a police station.

The victims, 32 year old Akkarapon and 38 year old Rinlaphat, shared videos and pictures of the incident on Facebook, yesterday, June 10. Rinlaphat explained that she and her husband got lost after leaving the Ministry of Public Health in Nonthaburi province near Bangkok.

Her husband, Akkarapon, was driving slowly to find the way out of a small alley to the main road when the food delivery rider from the Robinhood application overtook them, almost causing their car to hit the rider’s motorcycle. Akkarapon decided to apologise to the rider to prevent further altercation.

However, the rider seemed to be angry at them and cut off their car twice. The couple decided to park the car and sought assistance from the police via hotline number 191. Rinlaphat also recorded a video of the rider’s violent behaviour while waiting for the police.

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The rider, Naruemate, was seen parking his motorcycle in front of the victims’ car. He then kicked the front of the car and moved to the driver’s side, asking Akkarapon to open the car window and challenging him to fight.

After the couple remained calm, Naruemate repeatedly kicked the side mirror until it broke. He continued to kick the car and shout at the couple. He then pulled out a knife from his jacket to threaten the victims and put it in the motorbike storage.

Nude rampage

Facebook page Esor News 3 shared a video of the row, drawing attention from both netizens and police officers, leading to Naruemate’s arrest on June 11. Naruemate was detained at Mueang Nonthaburi Police Station.

Naruemate continued to vent his anger at police officers, leading them to deny him bail. His grandmother visited him, bringing food and drink, but he threw it all away. He then took off his clothes and continued his rampage behind bars.

His grandmother told Channel 3 that she has been caring for Naruemate since he was three years old due to his parents’ divorce. Naruemate was married and had a child with his wife, but they have since divorced. She admitted that Naruemate has a hot temper and a criminal history, having been arrested for two theft cases and serving two years in jail.

However, she insisted that Naruemate has never used drugs. She hoped that society and his employer would give him a chance to improve himself, expressing that she was very stressed.

Police reported that they had not yet issued charges against Naruemate, as his rampage prevented police from questioning him.

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