British couple outraged over price of Heinz Beanz in Thailand (video)

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A British couple holidaying in Thailand discovered that home comforts come at a shocking price abroad.

Mark and Nadine, originally from the UK and Ireland but residing in Australia, embarked on their tropical getaway only to be floored by the cost of a simple can of Heinz Baked Beanz.

While perusing a local supermarket, the pair stumbled upon the familiar brand, a beloved staple back home. Nadine, unable to contain her surprise, held up the tin in a video shared on TikTok.

“You want your Heinz beans in Thailand? Only 420 baht.”

The couple swiftly did the maths, converting the price to Australian dollars, and were left gobsmacked by the result.

“20 Australian dollars for a f**king can of beans.”

This eye-watering price tag sparked a broader conversation about the true cost of home comforts while travelling. The video quickly gained traction, prompting debates on whether tourists should indulge in imported goods or stick to local cuisine.

Online commentators were quick to point out the hefty markup on imported products, citing distribution and transport costs. Many advised tourists to eat locally to avoid such steep prices. Mark and Nadine acknowledged this, but couldn’t help but feel the local supermarket’s pricing was excessive.

“We know imported things are more expensive but this markup is just too much.”

According to the latest conversion rates, the 420 baht tin equates to 17 Australian dollars—a staggering 600% increase compared to the 2.80 Aussie dollar price tag in Australian supermarkets like Woolworths and Coles.

This isn’t the first time Aussies have faced sticker shock abroad. Last year, a packet of Tim Tams was spotted in the US for US$8.59 (around 314 baht), equating to 13.65 Aussie dollars, sparking outrage despite the acknowledged import costs. As more travellers share their experiences, the debate over the worth of home comforts continues to heat up, reported Yahoo News.


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