Retired American in Ratchaburi chokes ex-cop, faces legal action

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A tense altercation in Ratchaburi resulted in a retired police officer being choked by an American bully at a local shop on the evening of March 6. Initially, the retired cop, Arthaporn Premjit, who did not recognise his US assailant named John, despite having seen him at the shop before, pressed charges at the Mueang Ratchaburi Police Station, vowing to pursue legal action to the fullest extent.

On March 13, journalists visited the village in Mueang district, Ratchaburi, where they encountered John’s wife. While 70 year old John remained secluded indoors, his wife spoke to police about the incident.

She expressed a desire for society to hear their side of the story, as the media had so far only portrayed one perspective. John’s wife, with whom he has lived for over 20 years since his relocation to Thailand after retiring at 50 in America, detailed their quiet life in Ratchaburi, far from the bustle of the capital. She described her husband as a solitary, thoughtful man who might appear intimidating due to his size and voice but is gentle and reserved.

Following the incident, John and his wife apologised to Arthaporn with a gift basket, believing that Arthaporn had forgiven them and would not take legal action. Contrary to this belief, legal proceedings were initiated, causing John considerable stress, and leading to his withdrawal from public life, reported KhaoSod.

On the topic of John’s side occupation as a tutor, his wife explained that they only taught one-on-one sessions due to his difficulty with the Thai language and maintaining focus during the lessons, said John’s wife.

“We would like to apologise to all affected parties. We do not wish to contest the case and are willing to accept all responsibilities and let the law take its course. We are not fleeing; we just want to live a peaceful life, given my husband’s age.”


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