Red Shirt leader urges pro-democracy protesters not to resort to violence

PHOTO: Nattawut Saikuar/Twitter

Nattawut Saikuar, the Red Shirt leader, is cautioning young protesters that violent interactions with authority figures may play right into the authorities’ hands. Earlier today, Nattawut broadcasted live on Facebook to share his message of non-violence. He urged the protesters to think through their behaviour carefully. He also announced a car rally demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.

The RS leader went on to say that, “I think you don’t want to see the armed forces coming out. As for those in power, I am not so sure. You’d better watch your game carefully”.

His Facebook announcement comes on the heels of several rallies held in Bangkok that deteriorated into violence. Police shot the protesters with rubber bullets, water cannons, and doused them in tear gas. Protesters shot back with … rocks, ping pong bombs, and firecrackers.

The RS leader says rallies that devolve into violence are only to the benefit of those in power; or as Audre Lourde once famously said, “the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house”.

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Despite condemnation from Amnesty International concerning the use of tear gas and rubber bullets, Metropolitan Police Bureau chief Pakapong Pongpetra says these methods are the “best strategy” to prevent violence by protesters.

Further, police recently tossed out the idea that they might press charges against some of the parents of younger protesters for the alleged vandalism of their children.

Nattawut is scheduled to lead a car parade this Sunday at 3 pm, demanding Prayut resigns. Previously, the PM said it wasn’t time for him to resign and warned politicians to watch their behaviour. The rally/parade will move along various routes. Nattawut says the rallies will be peaceful affairs that will avoid locations such as the Government House/PM’s residence in order to deprive officials of using their “best strategy” against protesters.

There has been no mention if Prayut’s daughters passed along the message that their former classmates would like dad to take some time off from being a PM.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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