Reckless Thai driver’s wrong-way sedan smash-up leaves one dead (video)

A reckless Thai driver killed a man and injured others when he drove his sedan against the traffic flow in Nonthaburi province, near Bangkok, colliding with a pickup truck.

Pak Kret Police Station officers and Poh Teck Tung Rescue Foundation rushed to the accident scene on the Khlong Prapa Overpass in the Pakkret district of Nonthaburi province at about 5.20am yesterday, February 6. Three damaged cars were found, including a black Toyota Vios sedan, a silver bronze Toyota Vios sedan, and a golden bronze Toyota Hilux Vigo pickup.

The driver of the black sedan, 32 year old Chayothorn Jaroenphong, was injured and transferred to hospital. The driver of the golden bronze pickup, 25 year old Phurit Jitard, escaped unhurt.

The driver of the silver-bronze sedan, 34 year old Suthanon Chuenthotsaphonchai, was trapped inside the damaged car. Officers managed to free him, and immediately administered CPR, but were unable to save his life.

Suthanon bore a bruise on his chest. Officers believed that his body hit the steering wheel hard due to the impact of the crash. Officers later discovered Suthanon’s dog, a white Pyrenean Shepherd, trapped in the car. The dog was safe but frightened.

The pickup driver, Phurit, told police that he saw a sedan driving against the flow of traffic but could not identify which one. The sedan that violated the law crashed into another sedan, and the two cars swung to hit his pickup.

Sudden loss

Security guard Watchara Pengrod, who was working near the scene, witnessed the accident. He said the black sedan was driving against the flow of traffic. He realised immediately that it must be an accident but did not think that it would be fatal because the black sedan was moving at a relatively low speed.

The driver of the black sedan, Chayothorn, is currently being treated in the hospital. He will remain detained there for further assessment, including drug and alcohol testing. Police have indicated that they are unable to question Chayothorn at present due to the extent of his injuries.

Mother of the deceased, 57 year old Mantana, shared in an interview with Sanook that her son had travelled from Lampang, a northern province, to Nonthaburi the day before to celebrate her birthday. She expressed her overwhelming grief, stating that she could not bring herself to read the news or watch CCTV footage of the accident.

The funeral service took place at Thinnakorn Nimit Temple in Nonthaburi province. Suthanon’s wife and their two children, aged four and eight, attended the ceremony, where they mourned their father’s loss with tears and embraces.

Chayothorn’s parents also attended the funeral and offered Suthanon’s family 30,000 baht towards the funeral expenses. Chayothorn’s father admitted he was unaware of his son’s activities on the morning of the incident and whether he had been drinking. He expressed deep remorse for the tragedy and pledged that he and his family would provide compensation to Suthanon’s family for their loss.

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