Cat-astrophe: Ayutthaya homeowner’s pet swallowed by python

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod.

A large python was found in a house in Ayutthaya province after it fell through the ceiling. The snake had consumed a rare breed of cat, known as a Khao Manee, before being captured by rescue workers and returned to the wild.

The house owner, 33 year old Chonisara Rujinath, was shocked to discover the snake in her home, particularly as it had eaten one of her beloved pets.

The python was discovered in Chonisara’s single-storey wooden house, situated near the Pho Canal, in the Bang Pa-In district. She was resting when she heard a loud noise, initially thinking it was a ceiling fan falling.

Upon inspection, she found a hole in the ceiling and was certain that a snake was the culprit. She quickly moved her nephew, who was sleeping in the room, to a safe place and started searching for her cats.

She found six of them but noticed that her Khao Manee cat – a unique breed with blue eyes and an all-white body – was missing, reported KhaoSod.

Rescue workers were called to the scene and found the python hiding in a corner of the room, near a storage cabinet. Its body was swollen, clearly indicating it had recently eaten. The snake put up a fight before it was caught and measured approximately 4 metres in length and weighed around 10 kilogrammes.

Chonisara recalled hearing her cats fighting the previous night and had tried to separate them, assuming one of them had been eaten by the python. The snake’s weight caused it to fall from the ceiling the next morning.

Panya Choomanee, a rescue worker who assisted in capturing the snake, confirmed that they had received a report of a python eating a cat and falling through a ceiling. They found a hole in the ceiling, and the large python was discovered in the bedroom with a child sleeping in it.

In a personal belief, Panya plans to use the house number to play the lottery, as the draw date is approaching. Following the incident, the python was taken by the rescue workers and released back into the wild.

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