School addresses behavioural improvement camp after viral social media post

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A reputable school in Thailand’s Chanthaburi province has clarified its position after being accused on the ‘Bad Student’ Facebook page of sending students with low behavioural scores to a military camp for training. The school insisted that close supervision during the program ensured no violence occurred, and the activity aimed to improve students’ discipline.

According to the director of Benchamarachuthit School in Chanthaburi, the behavioural improvement camp was held on March 2 to 3 to help students follow the school’s disciplinary rules. Prior to this, the school had set a timeframe (February 1 to 17) for over 300 students with behavioural scores below 60 to participate in community service activities to increase their scores. By the end of these activities, about 150 students still had scores below 60. The school then held a meeting with the student’s parents to seek permission for 120 of the 150 students to attend the behavioural improvement camp.

Most of the participating students were from grades 9, 10, 11, and 12. The school assigned the Deputy Director of Human Resources Management, the project coordinator, and student affairs teachers to supervise and monitor the camp activities closely, ensuring no violent incidents occurred during the two-day, one-night programme. The safety of the students was emphasised as a top priority during the activities, the director said.

Consequently, after the completion of the programme (more than three months ago), no complaints have been received, and as of June 6, all grade 9 and 12 students successfully graduated, receiving their education certificates without any obstacles for enrolment in higher education institutions.

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