School defends haircuts policy after social media uproar in Thailand (video)

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A Thai school has explained a controversial video showing teachers giving male students haircuts during a boy scout uniform inspection. The school in the northern Phayao province detailed the measures taken and defended the hair-cutting policy following fierce online criticism.

The video clip from a school in Phayao stirred up controversy on social media as it portrayed teachers cutting male students’ hair during a boy scout uniform inspection earlier this month. Yongyut Tonboon, a mathematics teacher, said the school had announced in advance that some students would get haircuts during the inspection. The school used a number three clipper to trim the hair of willing students, while those not interested had the option to get their hair cut at a salon.

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Witthawat Wangkachai, a representative of the student’s guardians, explained that the haircut policy was beneficial for the students. The school had discussed the haircut measures with parents on orientation day and signed a memorandum of understanding, allowing the school to act as guardians for the students.

The affected students expressed some disappointment in having their hair cut but accepted the school’s two-week grace period. They agreed not to hold grudges, and to comply with the school’s regulations henceforth. Songkran Boonmee, Director of the school, stated that the haircut policy was in line with Ministry of Education guidelines.

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The school had held meetings with four key stakeholders, including the education committee, parents, and students, to agree on the haircut policy. All parties agreed upon the measures, and the policy was announced after it had been finalised. However, the viral video was taken by another group of students and sent out, which allegedly caused a misunderstanding and portrayed the school in a negative light.

In response to the negative reactions, the school’s director and teachers urged the students to consider the broader context of the school and the teachers’ purported genuine concern for their well-being.

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