Prachinburi temples become lottery winners’ new mecca

Lottery enthusiasts are flocking to three revered temples in Prachinburi Province, following a streak of 12 first-prize lottery wins attributed to the sacred figures enshrined within. These temples have become a magnet for those seeking lucky numbers, with the faithful gathering in hopes that fortune will smile upon them in the upcoming draw.

The first of the temples, Wat Pratum Bucha, is a renowned Buddhist pilgrimage site and a landmark in the industrial zone, promoting the concept of travel for merit, satisfaction, and full stomachs. Here, visitors can pay respects to a sacred 1,300-year-old Golden Teak Tree spirit and a giant Buddha statue over 49 meters tall, as well as the first glass-adorned statue of Grandfather Thao Wessuwan in Thailand.

This temple alone has been credited with 12 first-prize lottery wins, making it a hotspot for those seeking divine intervention in their quest for wealth.

The second temple, Wat Chang Mueang Kao, stands out with the tallest statue of Grandfather Thao Wessuwan in Thailand, which is said to contain human-like organs such as a golden intestine, heart, liver, and spleen. Believers visit this temple to seek lucky numbers and pay homage with offerings.

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Finally, the third temple, Wat Muang Khao Kaew Phikun, is situated amidst historical ruins dating back to the Dvaravati period (6th-11th century). Like the others, it offers a variety of lucky numbers to worshippers, such as 187, 17, and 19.

On the eve of the lottery draw, the atmosphere at these temples is electric, with people enthusiastically participating in rituals to obtain lucky numbers, such as shaking fortune sticks and drawing lots from a bowl. The festivities at Wat Prathum Butthachaland even extend into the night, culminating in a grand event with activities like Lucky Star Picking, offering over 70,000 prizes ranging from electric bikes to refrigerators.

Spiritual fulfilment

Devotees and tourists alike are drawn to these temples not only for spiritual fulfilment but also for the chance to partake in the annual festivities that include venerating the sacred Golden Teak Tree spirit and the revered Grandfather Thao Wessuwan statue. The temples’ offerings of free food and beverages ensure that visitors leave with both their spiritual and physical appetites satiated.

The convergence of faith, tradition, and the thrill of the lottery creates a unique cultural phenomenon in Thailand, where the spiritual and the material blend seamlessly, capturing the imaginations of believers hoping to strike it lucky with the blessing of the divine, reported KhaoSod.

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