Police officer sells grilled pork to supplement income in Phetchabun

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A young police officer in Wichian Buri, Phetchabun province, has taken up selling grilled pork skewers as a side business before his regular duties.

Officer Prasert Praphaso, stationed at Wichian Buri Police Station, has been seen operating a food stall named Siaw Ta Haek Moo Ping near Niyomsilp Anuson School. This initiative aims to supplement his income while providing convenience to students attending the school.

Prasert, a traffic policeman and assistant investigation officer at Wichian Buri Police Station, has been in service for over a year. He recounted his journey into this side business, revealing that he initially had no secondary occupation and relied solely on his police salary, which was just enough to get by. Realising the need for extra income and savings, he decided to venture into selling grilled pork skewers.

“I decided to buy the necessary equipment and started preparing the pork myself. I marinate and skewer the meat during my off-hours and on days off.”

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The police officer sets up his stall from 6am to 7.50am, just before his police shift begins. His primary customers are students heading to school in the morning, and his skewers are priced affordably at 5 baht each, with sticky rice also available for 5 baht per portion. After finishing the morning sales, he packs up his equipment and heads back to his place to get ready for his police duties, reported KhaoSod.

Prasert expressed his happiness and pride in his side business, stating that he does not feel embarrassed at all.

In related news, Bangkok City Hall is set to implement stringent measures aimed at regulating street vendors, targeting their income, enforcing tax compliance, and ultimately eliminating hawking on pavements. Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt announced these measures following a meeting focused on enhancing the orderliness of the city’s surroundings.

In other news, Thai Crime Suppression officers raided a location in Samut Sakhon to arrest a group of men extorting money from kratom juice vendors and fuel smugglers. The operation revealed a scheme where the extortionists posed as police officers to carry out their illegal activities.

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