Betting blitz: Cyber cops score big, seize 40m baht from online sites

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Cyber police apprehended two online football betting and gambling websites, seizing assets worth over 40 million baht and arresting ten suspects, with memberships exceeding 12,000 individuals and a cash flow nearing 100 million baht.

At 10am yesterday, cyber police officials, led by Worawat Watnakornbancha held a press conference detailing the successful capture of two online gambling networks. The operation resulted in the confiscation of assets valued at over 40 million baht.

The investigation focused on individuals facilitating online gambling, including football betting and other types of Internet-based gambling. The first network had enough evidence to issue arrest warrants for thirteen individuals, including one manager, two financial officers, and ten employees. This network boasted over 4,000 users and had a monthly cash flow of more than 80 million baht.

Search warrants were obtained, leading to raids at six locations, three in Bangkok and three in Chiang Rai. Assets and related items worth over 20 million baht were seized, and three individuals, including one manager and two financial officers, were apprehended.

The second network also yielded substantial evidence, leading to arrest warrants for sixteen individuals, including two owners, two managers, two financial officers, and nine employees. This network had over 8,000 members and a monthly cash flow exceeding 10 million baht.

Police seized assets valued at over 20 million baht and arrested six individuals, including two managers, two financial officers, and two employees. Additionally, one more employee was found to be involved and was taken into custody for further questioning.

In total, ten suspects were arrested for their involvement in the gambling websites, covering various roles such as managers, financial officers, administrators, and mule account operators. They face charges for organising online gambling without permission and conspiring to launder money.

Worawat highlighted that under Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin’s policy and the directives from the Royal Thai Police, the cyber police are committed to cracking down on all forms of technology-related crime.

The Royal Thai Police has established a dedicated centre to combat online gambling, especially with the European Championships in full swing. Nationwide police units have collaborated, with significant arrests being made by the cyber police division.

Worawat urged the public to enjoy football without engaging in gambling. Both players and organisers are subject to legal penalties. He noted that the gambling situation during the European Championships is not as severe as with baccarat, as football gambling tends to be seasonal, reported KhaoSod.

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