Police arrest woman for robbing elderly of 200,000 baht in Buriram

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The Thai police arrested a woman today for allegedly deceiving and robbing an elderly woman in Buriram. The suspect, Somporn, or Aui Banna, is believed to be part of a gang, part of a wider operation that has been targeting vulnerable individuals across various regions.

The police, led by Lieutenant General Thiti Saengsawang began an investigation after receiving multiple complaints. The capture took place outside a rented room in Chon Buri, where 39 year old Somporn had been hiding after fleeing her hometown of Ban Na, Nakhon Nayok.

An elderly woman in Buriram was left in tears after being robbed of gold and cash worth 200,000 baht by two seemingly kind women who had offered her a ride.

According to the police, this incident is part of a broader crackdown on organised crime. Their efforts aim to combat criminal networks causing distress to law-abiding citizens.

Patrol units from the Crime Suppression Division, in collaboration with Buriram police, traced the suspects through a series of reports on a government investigative Facebook page. The suspects had a pattern of pretending to assist elderly women during their travels, only to rob them once they gained their trust.

In this particular case, Somporn and her accomplice reportedly claimed they wanted to buy silk from the elderly woman. Once they had her in their car, they threatened her and stole her belongings.

Not intentional

During interrogation, Somporn partially admitted to the crime, stating that she didn’t intend to commit the crime and placed the blame onto her acquaintance, who offered the ride to the elderly woman, only to rob her of all her belongings.

Somporn claimed she received a share of the stolen money and fled her home in Ban Na to avoid arrest. She also denied involvement in another scam where individuals disguised as monks deceived vendors, promising them good fortune in exchange for money, only to flee with the cash.

Police records reveal that Somporn has a history of criminal activities. In 2010, she was arrested for selling overpriced lottery tickets and illegal firearm possession in Ban Na. In 2021, she faced charges of fraud in Khlong Khlung, Kamphaeng Phet.

The current warrant for her arrest, issued on March 29 by the Nang Rong Provincial Court, accuses her of robbery with violence or threats, leading to physical or psychological harm, and unlawful detention.

Authorities have transferred Somporn to the Nang Rong Police Station to face legal proceedings. This arrest is part of an ongoing effort to dismantle criminal networks that exploit and harm innocent citizens across the region, reported KhaoSod.

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