Police and restaurant owner’s gun-knife duel in Udon Thani leaves both injured

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A violent confrontation erupted between a police officer and a restaurant owner in Udon Thani, resulting in both men sustaining serious injuries. The incident, which involved a gun and knife duel, occurred near a convenience store in the Non Sung Subdistrict on the evening of yesterday, March 30. The dispute reportedly began when the officer parked his vehicle in front of the restaurant, provoking the owner to brandish a knife.

Upon arrival at the scene, police discovered a pickup truck with flat tyres from gunfire and a pool of blood. The injured individuals were immediately transported to Udon Thani Hospital.

The 55 year old police officer, Tanongsak, suffered multiple stab wounds to his torso. Meanwhile, the 71 year old restaurant owner, Sonthichai, was shot several times.

According to eyewitnesses, the argument escalated when Sonthichai asked Tanongsak to move his vehicle. The refusal led to a verbal altercation and, subsequently, a physical fight. During the clash, Tanongsak fired 4 to 5 shots, while Sonthichai responded with relentless stabbing. The police secured the scene, collecting forensic evidence, including the knife and firearm involved, along with bullet casings.

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A volunteer rescue worker, Atthiwat Woraphat, reported that upon their team’s arrival, they found two individuals in critical condition—one shot and lying on the footpath, the other stabbed and bleeding on the road. A noodle vendor at the scene recounted hearing gunfire but was unaware of the argument’s cause.

Krapsorn, Sonthichai’s wife, recalled hearing gunshots and being informed by her son, unaware of the altercation’s origin. She later found her husband injured from the shooting. Police believe the two men were acquainted but are still investigating the motive behind the incident.

Deputy Police Chief Chakaj Thiemwong confirmed that the two injured parties were Tanongsak, a police officer from the Non Sung Police Station, and Sonthichai, a local. He mentioned that Sonthichai had closed his restaurant that day and was drinking in front of the establishment when the officer arrived and parked his vehicle on the street, potentially triggering the dispute. Seven 9mm bullet casings from the officer’s service weapon were found at the scene, reported KhaoSod.

Both men are currently undergoing treatment at Udon Thani Hospital Centre, and police are conducting further investigations to determine the exact cause of the altercation.

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