Roaring opportunity: Phuket zoo seeks lionhearted caretakers

Photo courtesy of Charl Durand

Phuket Zoo has two vacancies for lion caretaker positions, giving priority consideration to applicants with experience in lion or tiger care, according to a recent post on the Phuket Work Facebook group. The job advertisement quickly garnered attention and sparked a wave of online speculation, with many netizens questioning what had happened to the previous lion caretakers and where one would gain such experience.

An individual addressed the speculation surrounding the disappearance of former lion caretakers, clarifying that the zoo had previously advertised for a caretaker for newborn lion cubs but had not found a suitable candidate with the necessary expertise.

The zoo is seeking in particular individuals who are capable of providing close care for newborn lions, thus the emphasis on experience. This individual also encouraged those with a passion for big cats to apply for the position.

The unexpected viral reaction to the lion caretaker vacancies highlighted the intrigue and curiosity surrounding such unique job opportunities. Despite the speculation and uncertainty, the zoo remains focused on finding suitable and experienced individuals to join their team and provide optimal care for their lion cubs, reported Khaosod.

Last year, Phuket Zoo was in danger of closing down because of Covid-19 restrictions. The zoo announced that it was looking for new homes for its animals, according to the owner.

The zoo’s owner and operator, 42 year old Suriya Tanthaweewong, announced that the zoo started to close when the pandemic broke out in 2020, even though the zoo had brought joy to animal lovers for over two decades. Read more about the story HERE.

In related zoo news, a lion cub went missing near the Serbia-Hungary border and was found and brought into a zoo in northern Serbia. The cub was reportedly in bad shape when it was discovered and was treated at the zoo. Read more about this story HERE.

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