Phuket tour boat operators arrested for safety breaches

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Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) and Marine Police Region 8 yesterday arrested two tour boat operators in Phuket for a series of breaches.

The authorities detailed their infractions in an online post, including operating boats with expired registrations, failing to provide adequate life rafts and overloading their vessels with passengers.

The routine check-up led to the arrests on Klong Tha Jeen, a waterway in Ratsada located on the eastern edge of Phuket Town. The operators were in the process of ferrying tourists to nearby islands when their illicit activities were brought to light.

The first boat, as per the CIB’s report, was found to be violating several rules. Apart from the expired boat license, it was also carrying more passengers than legally permitted and lacked a sufficient number of life rafts. The second boat was also operating with an expired license, thereby putting the lives of the passengers at risk.

The authorities detained three individuals to face charges for the violations. Among them was a man referred to as Khomkrit, who was implicated in operating a boat with an expired license and carrying more passengers than permitted by law.

The second individual, identified as Jatras, was charged with operating a boat without the necessary certification. Lastly, Somyot was accused of operating a boat with an expired license and certificate, while also breaching the conditions stated in the boat license, reported Phuket News.

The CIB took to social media to share the news of the arrests, proudly signing off their post with the phrase, Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) – Professional, neutral, side by side with the people. However, the Phuket Marine Office has yet to officially acknowledge the arrests.

These arrests come in the wake of a proactive campaign launched by Phuket officials, under the leadership of Governor Sophon Suwannarat.

This initiative is aimed at enhancing tour boat safety in Phuket, triggered by a tragic incident that resulted in the death of a five year old Russian girl. The girl lost her life when the tour boat she was on collided with rocks at Koh Maithon on December 31.

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