Monitor lizard’s big bathroom splash surprises couple in Thailand

A jumbo-sized monitor lizard caused a stir at 4.30pm yesterday when it made an unexpected entrance into a couple’s bathroom in Chachoengsao province, Thailand. Rescue workers were called to the scene at a rental room within Bang Khla Market, Bang Samak, Bang Pakong district, where they encountered the 2-metre-plus reptile.

The homeowner, 33 year old Prasitthichok, reported the incident after the large monitor lizard had crawled into the room he shares with his partner. The lizard, which took refuge in the bathroom, was agitated and regularly hissed at anyone approaching.

Rescuers had to use a noose to secure the animal around its neck, and due to its size, it took considerable effort to coax it out of the bathroom. They eventually managed to grab the lizard by the tail and pull it out before releasing it back into the wild near the canal.

Prasitthichok recounted the unnerving moment when he knocked on their door to have his girlfriend open it, only to have the giant lizard enter, causing his girlfriend to flee the room in shock. The monitor lizard then took her place, hiding in the bathroom.

Monitor lizards, known locally as tua ngern tua thong, are common in Thailand and can grow to significant sizes. They are generally not considered dangerous to humans but can be intimidating due to their size and appearance. The incident has highlighted the sometimes close quarters shared between people and wildlife in Thailand, especially in areas adjacent to natural habitats.

The rapid response of the rescue team ensured that the situation was handled efficiently, with the safety of both the lizard and the residents in mind. After the lizard was captured, it was released back into its natural environment, which is a common practice to maintain the balance between urban living and wildlife conservation, reported Sanook.

Such encounters with wildlife are not entirely uncommon in rural and semi-urban areas of Thailand, where the proximity of natural habitats to human settlements often results in unexpected human-animal interactions.

These incidents usually end peacefully, with the animals being returned to their natural environment, underscoring the importance of coexistence and understanding between humans and the diverse species with which they share their surroundings.

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