Phuket karaoke owner arrested for operating underage prostitution

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Authorities in Phuket conducted a sting operation at a local karaoke establishment after uncovering evidence of minors being exploited for prostitution.

A 13 year old was found among those being offered for sexual services. The operation, spearheaded by high-ranking police officials, led to the arrest of the 39 year old owner, who confessed to knowingly profiting from the illicit trade.

Under the directive of Sarawut Keawsopa, the commander of the Anti-Human Trafficking Division, an investigation team descended upon a karaoke bar in the Ratsada district of Phuket. Intelligence had suggested that girls under 18 were employed at the establishment and forced into sex work.

The venue, a single-story building equipped with coin-operated karaoke machines, was operated by Saphawal aka Peun. She had hired underage female staff to drink with customers, a front for the darker business of prostitution. Two girls, referred to as A and B, aged 14 and 13 respectively, were discovered during the operation.

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The officers devised a plan to pose as customers, negotiating the purchase of sexual services from the 13 year old girl. They agreed to pay 3,000 baht for the girl’s services, plus an additional 400 baht as a commission to the establishment, with Saphawal directly handling the transaction. Following the exchange, the authorities revealed their identities and proceeded to detain the karaoke bar owner for questioning.

Saphawal admitted that she had only recently taken over the business from its previous owner earlier in the year. She acknowledged her awareness of the sex trade occurring within her premises and confirmed her share in the profits, receiving 400 baht for each transaction, reported KhaoSod.

Following her admission, Saphawal was taken into custody by the Anti-Human Trafficking Division for further investigation and legal proceedings.

In related news, a fourth Russian woman has been arrested in Wichit, Phuket for providing illicit sexual services. The suspect, a 22 year old Russian national, was nabbed on Monday, March 18, during a clandestine operation at a local hotel.

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