Phony police husband: Imposter arrested, wife in the dark for two years

Photo via Facebook/ เจาะลึกทั่วไทย Inside Thailand.

Police officers arrested a fake cop in the central province of Lop Buri yesterday. The fake cop’s wife had been completely unaware of his deceit throughout their two-year marriage.

Locals in the Pattana Nikhom district of Lop Buri reported their suspicions about the true identity of Rachata Jadejiranit to Manao Whan Police Station. The locals stated that Rachata was always in police officer uniform and carried a gun in public areas. Rachata also claimed he was a commander of the Provincial Police Region 6 as well.

Rachata’s name failed to appear on any official police department records, prompting officers from the Manao Whan Police Station to initiate an operation to expose his identity.

Officers lured Rachata to meet them at a coffee shop where he was arrested. A police officer used a fake Facebook profile of an attractive woman to talk with the 42 year old fake cop and expressed an interest in meeting him in person to offer congratulations on his alleged promotion.

Rachata came to the coffee shop in a police uniform armed with his gun. Officers then revealed themselves and placed him under arrest.

Rachata confessed that he saw the police as an honourable occupation. He always wore the uniform at a wedding ceremony or funeral to garner respect from the hosts and participants. There was no evidence to suggest that he had ever employed the uniform for criminal purposes.

The police questioned Rachata’s wife, named A, about her husband’s act, and she insisted that she was not aware he was a fake cop. She married Rachata in 2021 in the Pitsanuloak province but she relocated to live with her sister in Lop Buri after the marriage.

A explained that her husband later moved to live with her saying he was suspended from work due to an unspecific misconduct charge. Rachata added that he would be back on duty on October 1. A admitted to not pressing him for further details and was unsuspecting of his true status.

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