Pattaya’s stinky scandal: Indian restaurant responsible for foul smell

Photo courtesy of Pattaya Mail

The air near Phra Tamnak Hill in Pattaya recently turned putrid, leaving residents fuming over an unrelenting foul smell since yesterday, January 2.

Suspected to emanate from a deluge of waste clogging up the drainage system, fingers are pointing at a nearby unnamed Indian eatery, accused of sidestepping proper waste disposal.

Despite two complaints lodged with the Pattaya Municipal Office and the Pattaya Environmental Office, the stench persists, and the restaurant, allegedly lacking grease traps, has not altered its waste disposal methods. Sources suggest the smell, likened to wastewater laden with pollutants, is not only fouling the air but also tarnishing the appeal of the locale for visitors.

Disgruntled residents are now crying out for intervention, urging authorities to enforce environmental regulations. Expressing the critical need for a clean and odour-free environment, they highlight the detrimental impact on their quality of life, reported Pattaya Mail.

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Despite assurances, the authorities have yet to take decisive steps to rectify the stinky situation, leaving the community anxiously awaiting a breath of fresh air.

In related news, a group of Indian tourists and some Thai locals broke into a fight in the middle of the road at Pattaya Beach on December 28. A viral video was shared online showing the brawl involving sticks, belts, bottles, and even ladles, causing pandemonium and traffic mayhem.

The one-minute footage, spreading like wildfire across social media, unveils a harrowing scene as Thai and Indian tourists clashed ferociously on the beach road.

In other news, police authorities from the Debt-related Crime Prevention Centre and the Eighth Provincial Police Region (DCPC & PPR8) apprehended Yadav Durgesh, a 29 year old Indian national, for operating an unlicensed money lending business.

The arrest took place on December 27 at a rental property in Ban Na San, Surat Thani, where Yadav was found to be charging an interest rate exceeding the legal limit on his loans.

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