Pattaya plagued by motorcycle wheel thieves

Photo courtesy of Pattaya Mail

A criminal gang is targeting motorcycle wheels in a recent surge of thefts in Pattaya. The brazen escapades of the gang have left the community on edge, with urgent pleas for police intervention.

The shocking incident unfolded at Government Housing Na Jomtien Village, captured in chilling detail by closed-circuit television cameras. The footage, which swiftly made rounds on social media, exposed the audacious theft of wheels from a red-and-grey Honda Wave 110 motorcycle.

A victim, 23 year old Thanakit Churai and his pregnant wife were left distraught on Sunday, discovering their stripped motorcycle. Their distress was palpable as they recounted the harrowing events, urging authorities to take swift action.

Thanakit expressed his frustration as he guided authorities to the crime scene on Monday.

“Enough is enough.”

Despite the community’s outcry and solidarity, the elusive perpetrators continue to evade law enforcement’s grasp, reported Pattaya Mail.

Such thefts, though not uncommon in the region, have left residents feeling vulnerable and anxious.

In related news, a fatal motorcycle crash occurred on Sena Nikhom Road in Bangkok’s Chatuchak district, claiming the life of a 37 year old man. The incident, which happened around 2.30am last Saturday, took a turn when authorities discovered a firearm hidden underneath the vehicle’s seat.

The accident took place approximately 500 metres from the Sena Nikhom intersection along Phahon Yothin Road, a four-lane street known for its challenging curves.

In other news, the arrest of a 21 year old woman has made headlines as she was apprehended for her involvement in a motorcycle theft gang. The capture took place at a residence in the district of Krathum Baen, Samut Sakhon province, after an extensive investigation led by the authorities.

The operation was initiated under the direction of high-ranking police officials from the Bangkok Metropolitan Police Division 9 and the Phetkasem Police Station.

Surveillance camera footage from the area played a crucial role in the investigation, capturing images of a Honda Wave 125i motorcycle being stolen.

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