Panida Siriyuthayothin sheds light on leaked photo with assistant Chang

Panida Sirayuthayothin addressed the recent controversy surrounding a leaked photograph of her with a personal assistant, known as Chang. The incident occurred at 12.30pm today. In the image, Chang appears to be kissing her on the cheek.

Panida denied any romantic involvement with Chang, stating the unfounded accusations likely stemmed from jealousy. She pointed out Chaiwat Lomakul, her former legal advisor in the tomato case, who had previously shown signs of affection, describing Panida as beautiful and respectable. It’s known that Chaiwat has had three wives.

Panida recalled the evening of the incident, dining with Chaiwat and Chang. She admitted sitting next to Chang but vehemently denied any kissing, given the number of people present. She suspects that the controversial photograph was secretly taken by someone in the restaurant.

“I don’t recall the exact circumstances that led to the image. I’m not sure why Chang chose to kiss my cheek but if the image is genuine then it reflects the reality of what happened. I don’t view it as a loss because I’m a modern woman. Anyone can kiss my cheek without causing me any harm.”

Panida further clarified that there is no romantic relationship between her and Chang, and if they were dating, she would openly admit it. This statement comes amid a heated exchange with Chaiwat, who is suing Panida over a broken bodyguard contract and a debt of 2.7 million baht.

Panida retaliated by claiming that Chaiwat was jealous of her relationship with Chang, revealing that they talked on the phone for two hours every day, reported KhaoSod.

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