BMA accused of favouring capitalists with new city plan for Bangkok

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Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) outlined an ambitious new city plan for the capital, marking the first update in 11 years. However, the BMA is facing criticism from the public, who claim that the new plan primarily benefits large capitalists.

The new city plan sparked a heated debate on social media, as many residents were unaware of the proposed changes, despite the public opinion period initially set to conclude on January 22. After scrutinising the alterations, some affected residents have come forward to voice their dissatisfaction, contending that the new plan is unjust to them but beneficial to capitalists.

A Thai woman, Ratchanee Buranaphatana, revealed with ThaiRath that her 16,000 square meters of land in Soi Seri Thai 66, Min Buri district, would be converted into a road. She intends to pass the land on to her four children and only recently learned about the new city plan.

Another Thai woman, Darin Sirisuwannakit, shared with the media that her land would also be transformed into a road. She claimed that the road’s construction has a 1 billion baht budget yet she received no prior notification of this significant change.

A former leader of Chart Pattana Kla Party, Korn Chatikavanij, voiced concerns, stating that the new plan outlines 148 new routes that seem to favour only capitalists and large real estate investors for constructing high-rise condominiums along these roads.

BMA criticisms

Move Forward Party (MFP) MP Suphanat Minchaiynunt pointed out that the red zone, designated for commerce, did not support the development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) but favoured big business operators.

Suphanat highlighted that BMA failed to clarify the reasons behind the colour-coded allocation of each area. Additionally, the plan did not address the development of the eastern and western sides of Bangkok, nor did it tackle congestion in the city centre.

Bangkok Deputy Governor Wisanu Subsomboon explained that city plans should be updated every five years for the public’s benefit. However, Bangkok has not revised its city plan since 2013.

Wisanu refuted the public’s allegations, insisting that the new plan was designed for the majority. He assured that if any areas were perceived as favouring specific groups, the plan would be subject to change.

The Bangkok deputy chief emphasized that the BMA would extend the review period from January 22 to February 29, encouraging people to share their opinions by visiting the Department of City Planning and Urban Development, sending letters, or making calls.

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