Pang Cha apologises for copyright infringement over logo design

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Pang Cha, a popular Thai tea brand, has publicly apologized for allegedly infringing on copyrighted material used as inspiration for their logo. The controversy began when Peeramon Chomdhavat, an expert in traditional Thai clothing, compared the logo of Pang Cha to an image of a Thai woman on a Regency calendar on his Facebook page, questioning the originality of the design.

The online world was abuzz with the trending drama around Pang Cha, which had previously been in hot water for suing small businesses using the name Pang Cha, demanding up to 102 million baht. The most recent controversy has led to a significant backlash, with critics suggesting the company look at its logo before pursuing others for copyright infringement.

In response, the Lukkaithong – Thai Royal Restaurant Facebook page, which is associated with Pang Cha, issued an apology. It stated that the company became aware of the issue involving the image of a Thai woman printed on their packaging, which bears a strong resemblance to an image from a 2007 Regency calendar, designed by Peeramon Chomdhavat, also known as Big.

The company expressed regret for the unintentional infringement of copyright and any damage caused to Peeramon Chomdhavat. The Pang Cha management team contacted Peeramon directly to explain their intentions of using the image as design inspiration. The company thanked Peeramon for his understanding and advice on the image issue and apologized again in writing for any inconvenience caused to the Regency company.

However, the company also clarified that the image circulating online was an old one, and they had ceased using the disputed image since May 2022. They thanked everyone for their feedback and suggestions and vowed to be more careful and thorough in their actions going forward.

The company expressed its sincere regret for the incident that had negatively impacted all parties involved and vowed to rectify all the mentioned shortcomings. They sought understanding from the media and the public regarding this statement and hoped for continued support and opportunities in the future, reports Sanook.

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