Bangkok warehouse fire causes chaos in the Vibhavadi area

Image courtesy of KhaoSod Online.

A four-storey warehouse, adjacent to a luxury car showroom in Vibhavadi area was engulfed in a rapid fire yesterday. The incident, which led to minor injuries for two fire-fighters, reportedly started with sounds of explosions before the fire spread quickly.

The warehouse, located in Soi Vibhavadi 22 Vibhavadi-Rangsit Road, Jompol, Chatuchak District, Bangkok, stores various types of goods, including electric motorcycle batteries which are flammable.

The warehouse, which suffered severe damage, had a part of its rear structure collapse due to the intense heat of the flames.

The close proximity to a luxury car showroom, housing several expensive cars, caused frantic efforts to move the vehicles from the parking lot to prevent the spread of the fire.

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Warehouse fire
Image courtesy of Khaosod Online

Firefighters, numbering over 30 vehicles from the Bangkok Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office and the Teuk Tung Foundation, battled the intense fire for over two hours before successfully containing it. However, continuous vigilance was necessary to prevent a resurgence of the fire from some parts of the building.

Initial reports indicate no loss of life, although two firefighters suffered minor injuries due to smoke inhalation.

Security officials of the affected building believe the fire started from an electrical wire before hearing loud explosions and the subsequent rapid spread of the fire.

At the time of the incident, no one was working inside the building. The exact cause of the fire remains under investigation by forensic officials, reported Khaosod Online.

In a similar story, a palm oil factory in Patthalung was engulfed in flames, leading to losses exceeding 3 million baht.

Four fire engines from the provincial administrative organization and municipal authorities were mobilised to the scene. It took about half an hour for the firefighters to have the fire under control. For more information, click HERE to read more.

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