Tangmo: Court in Thailand sentences 2 defendants over actress’s death

PHOTO: Tangmo

A local court in Nonthaburi has ruled on the case involving the death of Pattharathida Patcharaweerapong, also known as Tangmo, a 37 year old actress. The investigation found that Thanatphat Lertthawiwit, also known as Por, 33 years old, was guilty and sentenced to five years, eight months in prison, and a fine of 128,000 baht (US$3,784). However, as Thanatphat showed intent to pay compensation to the victim’s family, the court reduced his sentence by half. Taking into account other extenuating circumstances, the court further reduced his sentence to two years, nine months in prison, and a fine of 64,000 baht (US$1,892) with a condition to report to the court and perform community service for three years.

As for Robert Boonchieng Pipatnuntakul, the court found him guilty as well and sentenced him to four years, four months in prison, and a fine of 18,000 baht (US$533). However, just like Thanatphat, Robert also demonstrated his intention to compensate the victim’s family. The court thus reduced his prison term to two years, and two months, and the fine to 5,400 baht (US$160). Additionally, he too must fulfill a three-year probationary period during which he will report to the court and undertake community service.

The tragic death of Pattharathida Patcharaweerapong, a rising star in Thailand’s entertainment industry, has brought much public attention to this case. Her passing has not only shaken the media landscape but also raised concerns about the safety of young talents in show business.

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