No special protection for police that allegedly killed man in custody, says police


Police inspector general Visanu Prasartthongosoth wants outraged citizens not to worry that officers will get off with a slap on the wrist for their alleged involvement in the torture death of the man they had in custody. Visanu says no special protection for the police officers will be given.

Thai media says that despite reports that say Thitisan Utthaphol has been arrested in Myanmar, his capture has not been officially confirmed, but deputy national police chief, Suchart Thiraswasdi said today the police know where former police colonel Thitisan, one of the main suspects is located. Suchart is assigned to oversee the shocking case of the suspect who died after police allegedly held a plastic bag over his head until he suffocated to death. The video was widely shared on social media. The videos were originally circulated by two Thai lawyers, Sittha Biabangkerd and Decha Kittiwittayanan. Sittha says he first got the video from a police officer.

Suchart says it’s too early to tell for sure if the abuse the man suffered was meant as an extortion tactic or whether it was meant to get information about the illegal drug trade. The suspect, 24 year old Jirapong Thanapat, was detained on drug charges.

The 7 officers involved in the case have since been dismissed from the Nakhon Sawan police force while the investigation is still ongoing. 5 of the suspects are currently in police custody for questioning. Despite the police’s assurances that Thitisan’s location is known, Thai media reports that the manhunt is still underway.


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