Nachat under fire for offhand infidelity quip about singer’s wife

Social media erupted with criticism towards actor Nachat Chantaphan, following the resurfacing of a clip where he seemingly teases Pumpui Pantipa, wife of the famous singer Gavin Duval, about infidelity.

The video in question, titled Inside Pumpui 30+ Million Home & Car – Exposing Nikki’s Past Flirtations, dates back to December 2023. It features a lighthearted tour of Pumpui’s residence, during which Nikki engages in banter with the hostess. At one point, he inquires, “Would you be angry if Kwin flirted with women like I do?” To which Pumpui retorts, “Kwin doesn’t flirt. He’s not bad like you, Nikki.”

Nikki counters, “No, Kwin must have some girls on the side he sings at pubs, men have to have someone.”

He then probes about the couple’s boundaries and agreements. Pumpui reveals she doesn’t check her spouse’s DMs and hasn’t communicated with him during his two-day work trip to Myanmar, implying a trust-based relationship.

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Nikki jests, “Wow, two days is enough for a man to get frisky,” adding that someone like Pumpui would be a dream partner as she seems quite laid-back.

This exchange has drawn the ire of netizens who accuse Nikki of making sweeping generalizations about male behaviour, taking trust for granted, and potentially stirring trouble in others’ relationships. Some perceive his comments as insensitive, suggesting they could cause distress to those more emotionally vulnerable and potentially disrupt family harmony. Others criticize him for his persistence in the conversation, suggesting a lack of tact and manners.

Despite the backlash, some netizens have praised Pumpui for her maturity and respect towards her husband, highlighting her ability to navigate the conversation gracefully under potentially awkward circumstances.

The incident has sparked a broader conversation about the portrayal of relationships in the media and the impact of celebrity comments on public perception. Nikki, a seasoned actor and host known for his buoyant personality, now faces the challenge of addressing the controversy stirred by his offhand remarks and the subsequent scrutiny from online communities, reported KhaoSod.

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